Records Management Made Simple.

THEMIS™ RM helps organizations effectively manage their records lifecycle and compliance with the most intuitive and user-friendly experience on the market.

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What are the benefits of THEMIS™ RM?

Cross-platform records-keeping

Manage your physical and electronic records "in place" without migrations.

Add advanced recordskeeping to your existing ECM systems without customizations.

Encourage user adoption with the most modern user experience on the market

Records Management Nirvana!

Apply even the most stringent recordskeeping requirements to your existing ECM systems, while keeping things simple and intuitive for your end users.


Physical Records (Coming Soon)

“Intuitive yet powerful records management for your physical records."

  • File Plan Builder
  • Manage your physical files and boxes "virtually"
  • User file and box requests (shopping cart)
  • Physical records retention & disposition rules & workflows
  • Physical records destruction certificates
  • Recordskeeping Reports


Electronic Records

“Easily and quickly apply your records keeping directives to your electronic files, without migrating!"

  • File Plan Builder
  • Automatic records declaration
  • Automatic file classification
  • Case management & relationships
  • Electronic records retention & disposition rules & multi-stage approvals
  • Electronic records destruction certificates
  • Recordskeeping Reports
  • "Migration-free RM": Keep your files in place!


THEMIS™ Intelligent Information Management Suite

THEMIS™ RM is part of our cross-platform, AI-driven cloud suite. We have combined the latest techniques in UX design and machine learning with decades of hands-on IM experience. Our integrated intelligence delivers an unmatched user experience, optimizing your organization's information assets while meeting your compliance obligations.

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