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We ensure that multiple changes, from multiple resources occur on a single document, our new system is the height of efficient collaboration.

We Provide

Information Architecture Management

We deliver on the promise of IIM and develop solutions for

  • Collaboration
  • Web Content Management

We combine the best recordkeeping technology, our strong SharePoint deployment skills, and rigorous IIM implementation methodology to ensure you achieve measurable success with your IIM project.

Records Management

HELUX provides organizations with specialized expertise in Information Management and Enterprise Content Management. Each organization is different and has its own distinct culture, responsibilities and objectives. This means that each organization will develop its own information management architecture that fits in with and enhances the existing environment and culture. HELUX delivers an integrated solution that is able to address all of the information management needs that support the business processes of your organization.

Professional Services and Training

HELUX believes it is crucial to introduce a SharePoint training program to ensure employees are well versed in the technology in order to promote user adoption. Whether you are an Information Worker, IT Professional, or Developer, HELUX provides the most comprehensive training for SharePoint 2016. HELUX keeps its training simple, relevant and flexible.

Customized SharePoint Development

HELUX creates custom SharePoint solutions that fit the way your organization works. Our talented development and architecture team has designed numerous customized SharePoint solutions that include workflow automation, custom Web Parts, SharePoint sites, and quick navigation.

End-to-End SharePoint Solutions

HELUX has the knowledge and expertise that spans the information lifecycle to ensure a successful SharePoint implementation from initial planning, through to development, testing, deployment and support. Our solutions are effective, efficient and delivered on time and on budget.

Governance Planning

HELUX considers collaboration as one of the most effective ways of driving competitive advantage for your organization. SharePoint has the ability to better connect individuals, improve content quality, improve knowledge sharing and encourage better document management and operational efficiency. Every organization requires its own unique collaboration system, and HELUX delivers customized solutions to optimize your return on investment.

Taxonomy Development

Your enterprise content is of greater value and use when it is properly structured and tagged. HELUX develops effective taxonomies and metadata structures that are tailored to your business objectives and goals.

SharePoint Migration and Upgrade Solutions

If you're considering an upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint, or transitioning to SharePoint from your existing document management system, HELUX will ensure a smooth migration. Our team will help you make the transition with limited downtime and end user disruption.

Search Optimization

Your organization has a wealth of information, a lot of which is critical for making sound business decisions. HELUX has vast experience in customizing internal search capabilities, giving organizations the ability to quickly search and find the information they require.